What Our Clients Say

"I am and have been very satisfied with the knowledge and guidance that I receive from Tim Spyrnal; Tim has assisted me and my family for many years with our investments, Insurance, and banking information.  I am confident that Tim has worked “ALWAYS” in our interest and puts our security first.  I call it my “Sleep Insurance” as I can and have lived a good and secure life.  I will continue to rely on Tim for my current & future investments." - D.F.

"I have been working with George and now Tim for almost 50 years.  I don't do anything without first speaking to them.  They have always taken good care of me and were there for me when my husband passed away.  I am forever thankful for them." - J.B.

"When my Mom passed away I didn't realize how much of a mess her advisor left us.  Luckily, our friend referred us to Tim.  He worked with us for over a year to straighten things out.  I can't believe how much of a process it was to make sure Mom's money got to all the right places.  I am so grateful we had Tim to help us." - M.H.

Testimonials have been provided by current clients of Timothy J. Spyrnal.  Clients DO NOT receive any compensation or gift for contributing their statement(s).  These testimonials represent the specific clients experience and may not be representative of everyone's experience.