Our Process

Facts, Analysis, Implementation, Review

Our FAIR process is based on providing you with the facts, so you can make decisions that are best for you.  After going through our process, we want you to be more educated on your current investments than ever before.  If we discover that you are not in the best possible position, we will show you other options out there that may be better suited to accomplish your goals.  We will provide a written plan and steps on how to implement it.


The FAIR process starts with a fact-finding session.  During this time, we will discuss your personal and financial life.  We need to know what you have done so far to prepare for retirement.  More importantly we need to know your life story.  What are your biggest financial worries?  What’s important to you about money?  Do you have children?  Do you like them all the same?  How is your health?  We need to know you personally as well as financially to make recommendations that are in your best interest.


The FAIR process continues with the results of the Analysis of your current investments.  After the fact-finding session we will collect any investment account statements you have.  We will then perform a thorough risk and cost analysis.   The analysis usually takes 7-10 days to complete.  Some investments such as variable annuities may require a conference call with the account owner to get all the necessary information.  We will let you know if this call needs to be made.  This session is all about your current investments and your current plan.


The FAIR process concludes with the Implementation session.  After the analysis you will know whether you are already in a good position or need to make some changes.  We will discuss our recommendations and provide a written plan for any changes that we suggest being made.  We will go into detail as to what should be done differently and how it works.  You will have all the information you need to make the decision that is best for you.


After becoming a client you will have regular reviews and adjustments.  We will continuously review your plan and make sure you are still in the best possible position.